Adam & Linda met in the late 1980's. Linda was working in Hotel & Restaurant management with dancing being both a hobby & a passion. Adam had already left a career in Retail management to pursue teaching dance. They talked & dreamed of starting their own school & in 1992 that dream came true when they commenced their first contracts at the Leeming Recreation Centre & the Pagoda Ballroom.

Since that time, they have taught all over Perth. They teach kids in Primary Schools, teenagers in Secondary Schools right through to active & fun loving Octogenarians in Senior Citizen's Centres. They have worked with the Cerebal Palsy Association, Down Syndrome and the Blind & Deaf, sharing their belief that everyone & anyone can dance.

After 25 years they still believe that they have the best job in the world.

Over that time, they have continued to train both in Western Australia & the Eastern States, to advance their qualifications & to keep up with the latest styles & trends in dance.

 "There is nothing more rewarding than watching a full floor of our students and friends dancing on a Saturday night, having fun, when in some cases, only a few short weeks before, they were complete non-dancers"



"Come along & join us and have some fun"



Over the 25 year period that we have had the pleasure of teaching dance, we have met so many wonderful like minded people, who simply wish to enjoy the pleasures of dancing to fabulous music and socializing with great friends.


We have found that the best way for people to learn dance is in a fun, informal atmosphere, unhindered and uninterupted by other activities, & shared with the person or people of your choice. To this end we do not ask that any of our clients change partners, nor do we have any other lessons being carried out on the floor at the time of your class. The music played is specifically for you and your class, the teacher (Linda or Adam) is there specifically for you and your class and the focus is on you learning the dances that will enable you to go anywhere at anytime and thoroughly enjoy yourself.


Hope to see you soon

Linda & Adam Penn